There was life before the Web!

Besides the Web clients listed on our HomePage, the following chronicles some of our other work history which includes hardware design, software implementation, and program management services:

For StorageTek Corp., Louisville, Colorado

For Southern California Edison Company, Los Angeles, California: developed program to retrieve electrical load data from 10,000 dial-up data recorders via network of DEC MicroVAXes

For Kaiser Electronics, San Jose, California: developed MIL SPEC access and testing controls for applications developed in a VAX environment

For Motorola Semiconductor Sector CAD Group, Tempe, Arizona: managed international WAN development team, developed an automated job ordering system, relational common tape archiving system and job package controls, ported UNIX, TCP/IP

For Motorola Semiconductor Sector ASIC Group, Mesa, Arizona: tripled throughput of asynchronous communications customers with compression algorithms

For IBM Corp., Tucson, Arizona: developed artificial intelligence-based application to analyze computer internal signal patterns for testing

For Enercom, Inc., Tempe, Arizona

For Motorola Microsystems, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona


Various Assembly Languages (AMD 29K, IBM PC/Intel 80x8x, Motorola 68xxx), Basic, C++, DCL, FORTRAN, HTML, Lisp, Pascal, Prolog, REXX, TIBOL, Verilog VHDL


Apollo, Apple Macintosh, GE Mark III, Honeywell Level 66, IBM PC, IBM VM/CMS, Motorola 68xxx, Mentor Graphics, Motif, RAID, SCSI, SSA, Sun, TCP/IP, VAX VMS/Ultrix